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Lionman@BG453717541 You can download the GM66 user manual from this website link: is the same as GM65 except that it comes with an enclosure.To setup any config, you will need the manual. Power on the module and....Read first the "setup code on" QR codeAfter finishing the setting read the "Save" QR code.To select the UART interface, read the QR code for "Series Output"Default baud Rate is 9600If you want to select the USB interface, read the "USB PC Keyboard"Only one interface will work at any time.Mega_seria.ino (see below) works with a Mega on port 3 after configuring the scanner to output on UART ("Series Output") mode.void setup() { // initialize serial ports Serial.begin(9600); // USB serial port 0 Serial3.begin(9600); // serial port 3 Serial.println("Ready to read bar code");}byte rx_byte = 0; // stores received bytevoid loop() { // check for data byte on USB serial port if (Serial.available()) { // get byte from USB serial port rx_byte =; // send byte to serial port 3 Serial3.write(rx_byte); } // check for data byte on serial port 3 if (Serial3.available()) { // get a byte from serial port 3 // Serial.println("One byte"); rx_byte =; // send the byte to the USB serial port Serial.write(rx_byte); if(rx_byte == '\r') Serial.println(); }}

Lionman 10/05/2019
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