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Q: Can I mount this board? 25.5x25.5mm JHEMCU GHF411AIO F4

perguntado por risko sobre 2020-08-16 05:15:43

rpogorelc I suppose you can do all 3. I'll put a pic in my review so you can see what I mean. You would have to use longer screws than they come with to do 30.5, since they come with short ones to fasten the arms through the press nuts. You do have holes for 20mm and 25.5mm.

2020-08-28 03:16:27 Útil (1)
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risko r9mm can be used. I use batteries: 600 mah - 2s and 350-500mah - 3s

2020-08-06 08:33:38 Útil (1)
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risko I probably won't help you with this problem. I have a Jumper T12 with Open TX. R9M is set via Open TX.

2020-06-02 04:14:06 Útil (0)
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Q: will a air unit work with this?

perguntado por Blake Wissink sobre 2020-05-20 03:01:14

risko yes it works

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Q: It is PAL or NTSC ?

perguntado por risko sobre 2019-01-22 03:33:42

Auralbert irrelevant

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