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Q: What type of battery is used with this? Is it an 18360 battery?

perguntado por Kevin sobre 2023-02-05 05:59:02

DrMichael I have no idea! My best guess would be some sort of LIPO pouch but I don't really want to tear down my unit just to answer this question. If you really need to know this, I'd suggest asking Customer service or the manufacturer, rather than asking in a user forum like this. In practice, I keep the unit plugged in (micro-usb) while using it for PCB inspection, I can capture recordings on my desktop and just push the power button to use the internal battery when I'm up trying to support my aging eyesight when reading component markings on ICs etc. Why do semi-conductor manufacturers think it's smart to have barely legible markings? One day these designers will get older (hopefully so, when you consider the alternative!) and Karma will kick in. Agism has already taken over the graphics design sector. Let's keep it out of electronics!

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DrMichael Note: I do not have permission to post links here so I can only give you an overview in this response. 1) This is an ESP-C3-12F-Kit which is a RISC V chip. Google "ESP-C3-12F-Kit" for lots of "how to" information. 2) The pin-out is given on the original Banggood listing. 3) I cannot understand why you were able even to blink LEDs if you were compiling for the D0WDQ6; it shouldn't work! 4) ST7735 or ILI9488 are straightforward since the ESP32 family are natively 3.3V 5) I'd suggest you head over to the espressif site and follow the instructions for setting up the Arduino IDE and try some of the examples there. Once you are on top of the basics, ask this community again about any specific issues you encounter.

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