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BG541323545 While I initially was very satisfied with this printer, and still is, note that the manufacturer used tinned wires in the screw terminal for the power wires. THIS IS A FIRE HAZZARD, if you buy this printer make sure to inspect for this. If you find that tinned wires has been used in a screw terminal, you should cut the wires and use a tubular crimp or just bare wires instead. The tin block will under constant pressure over time crack and this can potential cause a high resistance connection and thus increased temperature, this can and has caused fires. Make sure to check both the driver board terminal and the psu.Another item of note is the XT60 bullet connector used for the power cable between driver board and psu, it was an up to spec one used on mine, but there has been reports of poor quality xt60 used that can also cause fires. The XT60 connectors should be soldered, not crimped, also they should have a high degree of friction (or rather good contact between the pins) when you connect them

BG541323545 07/11/2020
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Q: Ele tem proteção de pista térmica?

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BG541323545 Este recurso não era fornecido pelofirmware anterior. Usando um Arduino, você pode atualizar o firmware para a versão mais recente para ter certeza de que, google firmware Marlin, você pode verificar sua versão atual no painel lcd

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