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Craig Thank you for your reply, I have built and installed the turbine, I must say it does not perform as stated, I have it linked to a 12 Volt battery via the control unit, I have also watched the power output, I have noticed that the unit does not meet the parameters as advertised, it did not push out more than 9 Volts and the battery slowly ran out of power and could not get back up to 12 Volts, I tried a 300 watt heater through a 12 volt to 240 volt inverter, within minutes the inverter alarm was setting off and the 300 watt heater was running intermittently, so I would say the item is not as advertised or there is an issue.

Craig 22/09/2022
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Craig Ok, no issues, but they do break with fatigue after constant use, but for the price it is good.

Craig 28/11/2021
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