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bushmajster I did not tried 4S pack yet. I usually fly with tattu 6S 1300 mAh lipo and Dalprop Racerstar CYCLONE T7056C (quite aggresive props). Quad has plenty of power on 6S (lifting from ground at around 1/3 throtle). I get easily 10-12 min flightime of agile cruising (being not very conservative on power consumption). Overall traveling 10 km in those 10 min, with 60-80 km/h average speed and around 135 km/h max speed. With bigger lipo and less agresive props you could get over 15 mins. On top of that reaching 25 mins flight time should not be a problem with proper big 4S long range li-ion pack.

bushmajster 24/08/2021
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