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Q: do it come with accessories like baskets water pump food a and b

perguntado por BG564711952 sobre 2020-05-19 09:31:12

donpollo999 Mine came with both "food" bottles, the baskets and the basket inserts. You just need to procure the seeds.

2021-02-23 03:17:34 Útil (0)
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Q: the lamp has an adjustable intensity?

perguntado por BG109505720 sobre 2021-01-18 04:20:42

donpollo999 Yes, you can choose between bright cold white, warm white und dimmed.

2021-02-12 11:23:42 Útil (0)
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Q: Will this be good for pumping regular car tires, or just for bikes?

perguntado por EladZ sobre 2019-04-16 06:16:40

donpollo999 You can pump at least 4 car tires to 2.5 bar with one battery charge (it is mentioned, that it will do 5). I have only pumped road bike tires, from 7 to 8.5 bars and it does not less than 8 of them with one charge. The pump comes with car, road bike, and ball pump adapter.

2021-02-10 02:43:52 Útil (3)
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Q: posso usar para carregar bateria? Ou só aparelhos pequenos, como celular?

perguntado por BG509111641 sobre 2021-01-03 07:04:45

donpollo999 Esse produto pode carregar bateria de 12 volts e pequenos aparelhos via USB também.

2021-02-04 01:19:26 Útil (0)
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donpollo999 Please note that BG usually indicates the rate in watts per Square Meter. In this case, if the Solar cells would have 50 cm by 80 cm, it would be about 80 watts, but as stated and calculated above, this one could generate about 70 watts under optimal conditions.

2021-02-04 01:17:47 Útil (1)
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