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Q: what the hell should be +-( 3%+5)?

perguntado por Tom sobre 2023-08-02 07:24:16

jimbert The DC specs are +-(0.8%+5). At 4000 counts, 0.8% of that is 32, then add the 5 and you get +-37. So a 40.00VDC signal, for example, could be measured at anywhere from 39.63-40.37VDC (40.37 would overflow 4000 counts, so would scale to 040.4). So 4000 counts is misleading and useless when only 400 counts are actually meaningful. A quality 4000 count meter like a (very expensive) Fluke is spec'd at 0.1%+1. Having said that, the specs for this meter are comparable to other inexpensive meters and it is still useful, as long as you keep its limitations in mind.

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