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Q: how do you turn it off once it is triggered?

perguntado por BG397161415 sobre 2022-04-08 05:12:44

Mzosti You turn it off manually. otherwise it'll turn off automatically after sometime

2023-04-02 03:12:59 Útil (0)
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Q: what is the difference between the a frame and the b frame.

perguntado por BG161791618 sobre 2021-10-01 01:59:08

Mzosti It’s written on the diagram. See it under description

2022-05-13 04:16:59 Útil (0)
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Q: hi, can I use the Dji fpv combo RC?

perguntado por BG375410173 sobre 2022-03-16 09:51:25

Mzosti No. You cannot. Dji FPV combo rc only works with dji FPV drone

2022-04-11 06:48:17 Útil (0)
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Q: qual versão é fcc ou ce?

perguntado por magnosv sobre 2021-09-22 05:37:57

Mzosti It depends on your region. Upon registration, the region should be set automatically

2022-02-21 05:11:40 Útil (1)
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Q: Olá esse relógio tem bateria interna sem cabo na tomada?

perguntado por BG204113391 sobre 2021-07-07 01:24:21

Mzosti The internal battery does not keep the watch on. It think is for keeping the device from losing memory. It needs to be plugged at all times

2022-02-09 02:36:39 Útil (1)
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Q: what causes failsafe to activate at short range it only goes 100ft

perguntado por novice308 sobre 2022-02-07 02:08:50

Mzosti Try fly it where there’s no interference and obstructions. In an open field.

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Q: is it xt90 or xt60 output?

perguntado por veqquli sobre 2019-05-28 09:02:21

Mzosti XT60

2022-01-03 08:41:04 Útil (0)
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Mzosti You get 4 lights, as per description

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Q: hello how many pice it’s come 12 pice? or only 1 in packs?

perguntado por aak93 sobre 2021-01-23 01:41:30

Mzosti 4 lights, As per description

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Q: hola, son 4 luces o solamente 4 piezas?

perguntado por Matias Torres sobre 2021-05-12 05:53:47

Mzosti 4 Lights as per description

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Q: how do you turn them on?

perguntado por BG164316071 sobre 2021-07-13 12:48:16

Mzosti Twist the top part and it will open, you will find on off switch inside.

2021-12-22 12:50:09 Útil (0)
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Mzosti Twist the top part and it will open, you'll find on-off switch inside

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