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gacani may be put a distance between the 2.4 g and 5.8g antennae and also have a low esr capacitor in the power distribution board of the drone as well as ground all your negatives

WHIPLASH42 26/02/2018
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gacani does it need a diversity receiver to go 3km far or it can work as a single antenna?

Kristopher1 24/10/2019
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gacani what range are you getting with it? and are you using it as a single antenna or diversity?

vitorzone 13/05/2019
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Q: Can it be used by hexacopter and use GPS?

perguntado por Michaelyoshimori sobre 2019-04-01 04:14:32

gacani I have an omnibus f3 with baro and I flashed it with inav added an external gps radio link se100...and I do get gps hold with my quad

2019-10-29 12:06:21 Útil (0)
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Q: hi! can this soft mount be used with a firefly q6 action camera?

perguntado por gacani sobre 2018-07-23 11:48:17

Tex2002ans no

2018-08-04 03:12:57 Útil (0)
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Q: may I ask which company is selling this item? ie the name?

perguntado por gacani sobre 2018-02-06 04:16:16

Ectopia Hi,sorry,we can't disclose information of our supplier.

2018-02-07 03:15:15 Útil (0)
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