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Andrea55 With 7000w model could work but need powerfull batteries and its a really heavy work so only small solder

2021-09-26 06:30:16 Útil (1)
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Q: Can You connect a welder to it? Stick welder for example.

perguntado por quicker sobre 2021-03-15 09:56:28

Andrea55 Normallya welder draws more than 2500w so the power of this inverter is not enough. Also not all the welders are made for work with other power sources than powerline

2021-03-21 07:07:50 Útil (0)
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BG101853812 Be aware if you but. I bought one a week and when i powered on i get short circuit. And i’m not the first with this experience. Running on 220V - 16amp.

2020-09-10 03:54:50 Útil (6)
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Q: is this machine is high frequency?or scratch

perguntado por piosan89 sobre 2019-01-28 12:01:18

quicker I would also like to know does it have HF or not? Previous answer is plain STUPID (the one about 7000W :D)

2019-09-17 07:09:11 Útil (0)
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