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E_life_uk 10/09/2020
FIIDO D4s Long long wait for this one but here it is ;) its a good bike but that highly depends on price you pay for it. Im heavy at 110kg so for all the bigger guys out there it will be a helpful review! Quality of build is good not the best but good and the whole thing feels solid enough so no worries there. Lest move on to power hmmm for a big guy like myself its ok at best, but very usable and if you do not expect it to be as good as youtube reviews make it out to be you will be fine as it will help you up step hills but 100% u will need motor at full power and hard on pedals to help it out. On flat however its dream to ride easy and rides just fine not too comfy due to tiny tires and no suspension but for the price you get great bike. Hills again if u are heavy and have loads of them in your area like me then that will affect battery, hill climb at full throttle will absolutely EAT that battery, and we talking here with me pedal as hard as i can up step hill. On flat it holds very well and top speed is easy to achieve. Found it to be great for exercise as it will help you just enough up hills to make it to the top and will let u go for long rides on flat ;) on my first ride in years i did like 20km had 2 bars battery left but there was a lot of long hills. Be very careful with pot holes on the roads can be deadly! Other that all that bike is light enough, folds quick for in car transport rides like dream on flat roads and will let u get some more excersize so for the price GO BUY ONE now ;) for more casual rides i think i would buy Fiido M1 and it will be much more comfy on uneven roads due to big tires and suspension on front and back. Buying Fiido d4s as city bike? then its perfect for that ;)
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Vance Hello, dear customers, FIIDO D4S has arrived in the European warehouse. The order is already in transit and will be delivered to you soon.

2020-09-04 04:05:30 Útil (0)
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E_life_uk Now flash sale 😉 flash sale of bike they dont have and will not deliver in 2 to 7 days in eu 🤣🤣🤣 been waiting ages me.

2020-08-17 04:57:16 Útil (21)
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