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Q: How different from nichia and xp-g3?

perguntado por vivid231 sobre 2018-03-09 06:11:13

BG557465074 xpg3 are bright cold white light. they are "brighter." nichia are softer and warmer, closer to, but not sun or candle light. it's a matter of user preference, or intended use. nichia brings out more color {CRI,} whereas xpg3 provides WHITE, {approaching, but not blue} light that is intense. I personally use nichia for photography and close detail color work. I use xp for distance lighting, blending, self defense and utility flooding.

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Q: did an astrolux mate with a noctigon?

perguntado por BG557465074 sobre 2021-08-20 03:05:11

BG174216541 Haha, actually this flashlight was released before astrolux ea02.

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BG557465074 depends on your usage, or for some, what their eyes prefer. I use the higher Kelvin for mass lighting, safety and maintenance work. I use lower k for photography and color matching. they both work great. if you just want "bright!" go for the xhp. higher lumens is brighter, higher candela looks better.

BG557465074 19/07/2021
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