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Erwin Hello,the G jack is for the external trigger function of your oscilloscope. Regards,Erwin

Grandpa 25/08/2022
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Q: Are you satisfied with the picture?

perguntado por Erwin sobre 2022-04-25 07:23:26

mskdrift The image has enough resolution to be seen clearly.

2022-04-26 06:27:30 Útil (0)
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Q: is this a brushless motor or a brushed motor

perguntado por Erwin sobre 2022-03-13 07:14:04

BG146365747 bardzo mi się podoba

2022-03-24 09:31:12 Útil (0)
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The seller Hello friends, to update the firmware, you can contact customer service

2022-03-06 07:51:53 Útil (0)
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