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Q: Does this tablet have an internal compass and accelerometer?

perguntado por kamugin sobre 2020-07-24 07:46:12

DirkWegner Among DevCheck App, there exists the following sensors: 1. Acceleration Bosch BMI160 2. Gyroscop Bosch BMI160 3. Proximity Sensortek STK3X1X PRX 4. Light SENSORTEK STK3X1X PRX 5. Gravitation QTI Gravity 6. Linear Acceleration QTI Linear Acceleration 7. Step Detector QTI Step Detector 8. QtI StepCounter 9. QTI Game Rotation Vector 10. AccelerationDetector, here Bosch BMI160Wakeup Secondary 11. Gyroscop Bosch BMI160 WakeupSecondary 12. SignificantMotion Detector QTI 13. TILT DETECTOR QTI 14.DEVICE ORIENTATION QTI 15. ANDROID STATIONARY DETECTOR QTI 16. GRAVITATION QTI GRAVITY WAKEUP SECONDARY 17. LINEAR ACCELERATOR QTI 18. GAMEROTATION VECTOR QTI 19. PERSISTENT MOTION DETECTOR No fingerprint avaiable!!!

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Q: Does this tablet have AptX HD streaming over BT 5.0?

perguntado por BG461325015 sobre 2020-07-09 09:30:35

DirkWegner I dont know. I only know, that it is not Netflix optimized for Full HD. I think there are licences missing. In Youtube, the Amoled is working fine.

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DirkWegner Yes, there are two options for vibration. One for messages and telephone calls and one for touching the screen.

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