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Q: And better than F3 Flight Controller Deluxe 10DOF

perguntado por ADFS sobre 2017-12-29 08:24:00

Gunsmitfiamma It depend on what you mean with "better": This is a controller meant for autopilot uses, it have a acro mode and it works very well, but not as Betaflight or Cleanflight. If you need to setup a mini camera drone for aerial video with loiter, drift, altitude hold and return to home, then this is "better", but if you need a racing or acro drone then an F3 is "better". Don't waste your time on INAV yet, because they are going really fast on the updates, bit your hardware will go out of fashion really fast...

2018-01-03 03:39:15 Útil (1)
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Q: What is the firmware ? Is it compatible with Arducopter 3.5?

perguntado por Guiboy sobre 2017-12-27 03:39:18

Gunsmitfiamma You need to download a special version of Mission Planner from radiolink and use it for updating the firmware. After that you can use regular mission planner for setup, or you can load the firmware as "custom" using regular mission planner.

2018-01-03 03:25:45 Útil (1)
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