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futurebreeze I must add some feedback after 3 months or use, it suddenly stopped working. As I couldn't return it back I tried to repair it. I cut it open with a dremel and I realized that when the batyery was discharged at about 3.4V (it has a protection module) the light circuit (a small microcontroller) stops the light. The battery is very poor, it has 800mAh (tested on a dedicated charger). The problem was that at daytime when the solar panel was giving power, the whole circuit stated to oscillate between on and off states. I put a 220uF capacitor on the MCU power pins and the problem was solved, the light could charge normally again. I don't know if I had the bad chance to get a detective unit or is poor engineering, that oscillation was causing the light to never charge again after a complete (3.4V) diacharge.

futurebreeze 24/06/2021
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