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Q: is the sonore CE proved?

perguntado por schillii sobre 2019-11-18 04:26:54

mansouryaacoubi Yes, since February 8, 2018. Here you go:

2019-12-09 03:35:15 Útil (1)
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Q: If I want to turn on the light at 20% or 60% can I do it?

perguntado por rdavidmonzon sobre 2019-04-19 11:28:22

mansouryaacoubi No, this is not possible without a special dimmer for it.

2019-12-09 03:32:07 Útil (1)
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mansouryaacoubi No, it would stay on until you are back online to switch it off yourself or you use the button on top of it to turn it off.

2019-12-09 03:29:16 Útil (1)
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