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HandyMn 30/10/2021
I have not tested the device yet, but it looks promising. At least I see certain features that I really like, such as AC input I can use wiring from ringer button to bring in external power. Secondly, remote wall outlet plug in wireless ringer, independently pairable with volume control, in case your phone application is buggy and/or laggy... I hope this will give me better experience and performance than DIGOO product... Delivery with a courier on Saturday was a nice touch.😀
Comentários (5)
  • HandyMn It works OK, runs on batteries long enough and can be charging at the same time. quite happy with this device.

    Resposta 06/03/2022
  • Richie3971 If I connect to old doorbell wires (14 volt AC) will it charge the internal batteries as well?
    Also when I connect to my old door bell wires, will it ring my old doorbell chimes (old bell) that connect to the wires?

    Resposta 31/08/2022
  • HandyMn This is what it should be doing, but I have not tested it yet. It has to be AC...

    Resposta 30/09/2022
  • HandyMn you want to remove your old door bell completely and run the wires directly to the new device, it must supply AC voltage.

    Resposta 30/09/2022
  • HandyMn @Richie3971 Your first question is answered YES.
    The second is NO, absolutely not and you should be removing all the old hardware, just leaving 14V AC transformer, it may be necessary to check/trace existing wires to make sure 14V AC is supplied to the new device.

    Resposta 06/01/2023
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