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  • December-31 1969 18:00:00

    Circuito de relé de retardo simples mas versátil. Funciona perfeitamente

  • December-08 2016 00:00:00

    Used as a solar triggered WiFi Daylight control. To reverse the relay operation Just exchange the 5Y3 transistor (NPN) for a (PNP) generic transistor such as a 2n2907. I used an A56. Be sure to exchange the emitter and collector leads.

  • December-31 1969 18:00:00

    Ordered 2 modules. Received 2 different modules. One as in the picture, and another one that looks different (not the same PCB). Ordered this modules after I had tested one about a month ago, and it's working fine.

  • September-03 2018 00:00:00

    Nothing much to say, it does what is intended to do. Works OK.

  • December-31 1969 18:00:00

    The instructions do not mention anything about the TRIGGER-SW, (below the relay) but after playing around, I have found that shorting the centre pin and the upper pin MOMENTARILY will re-start the timer - either of the poles of the switch will work), (The bottom switch pins do nothing). This is an important omission in the product description and instructions because this means that a remote switch could be introduced to re-start the timer and thus make it more useful in other applications also. Cheers, Derrick

    Comentários (2)
  • July-12 2016 00:00:00

    I too have the timing issues. The interesting thing is that the lower end timings are pretty close. I think what hashappenede isthat the wrong pots have been fitted as they seem to make virtually no difference at all. Thus I have ordered some Bourns 100k, 500k and (just in case!) 1M pots. I'll replace them and report back in a week or so. This should work - and indeed it half does, it should be fairly easy to make it go the full mile. We have to remember, these things are dirt cheap for a very good reason!!!

    Comentários (1)
  • May-12 2015 00:00:00

    Great universal 12v delay relay. Will switch 120vac. Wide range of delay choices: From a Fraction of second to more than an hour using the jumpers. The device activates the relay at turn on and releases the relay at the end of the delay.To reverse the switching order: Simply change the NPN (J3Y) transistor to a PNP type and reverse the emitter and collector leads. Any generic switching transistor will fit. Works fine for me.

  • November-04 2015 00:00:00

    Amazing delay module that by using jumper S5 can be used to switch AC or the supply DC voltage. High quality build and by using S1-S2 great control over length of delay. Very versatile, can be used to switch Feed On or Off after delay. Plan to use mine for a central heating pump overrun. Another BG Bargain !

  • December-31 1969 18:00:00

    I bought 2 of these to enable charging my Galaxy Tab 7.7 when permanently installed in my cars dash. Using these modules together with several other relays, a USB buck converter and some resistors I'm able to have AC or USB charging dependant on the ignition switch position; full AC when the car is running and USB when ignition is off. The module delays simulate unplugging then reconnecting the charge connector, as required by the Tab. A versatile device, well made, and does exactly what I need.

  • December-31 1969 18:00:00

    il modello che mi è stato spedito non corrisponde a quello pubblicizzato ma è simile, il trimmer per la impostazione fine dei tempi non regola affatto la variazione dei tempi. Comunque per quello che serviva a me, non avendo bisogno di tempi precisi, posso utilizzarlo ugualmente quindi OK .


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