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BG545021732 2018-04-23 17:58:42
A radio with this feature set (Deviation) and all protocols you could ask for (again, Deviation and the Multiprotocol Project) for less than 150USD is a steal. If you're looking for a compact radio to fly all your quads and maybe a plane from time to time, no need to look further. There is room for improvement though, as you can read below: The hall sensor gimbals are fine. They feel ok, but not spectacular. They are on par if not a little bit worse than the Devo 7E gimbals, imho. They are very sensitive to fluctuations in battery voltage. If you're experiencing jitter, replace your batteries for good quality, fully charged ones. You might go ahead and twist the sensor cables, see the attachted photos. Opening the radio is very finicky and difficult due to the black plastic panels beneath the shoulder switches. Be patient removing those, or you'll break the clips holding them on. The buttons feel cheap but work very good. The switches and pots are good. Having six switches, four of them three-way and the two shoulder ones beeing two-way, is a big improvement over the Devo 7E. The Multiprotocol module works good. I like the removable, short antenna. The addition of a JR module bay is very welcomed, although only useful for long range UHF systems, since the multiprotocol already does everthing on 2.4GHz. The battery door is solid, the battery holder is cheap. Depending on the exact diameter of your batterys it can slide around and rattle. The metal handle is crooked on my radio, therefore it doesn't sit flat on a table. The included accesories are of good quality. I like the diy box, a nice empty JR case covering up the module bay. I've fitted a RP-SMA pigtail to it and will use it in future projects. You can replace this case with a blank JR plate as included with the Taranis X9E. Color and size match perfectly, see the attached pictures. Considering all the above I'm still very happy with the T8SG Plus and Banggoods service. Fast shipping, no import fees.
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BG545021732 Did you try different batteries? Make sure they are fully charged and of good quality. Mine did have some jitter ( /- 12 in the -150 to 150 scale), too. After switching out the batteries for fresh ones it's gone.

Cody Bellinger 2018-04-21 03:13:47
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