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Q: Does it fit (well) into the breadboard?

perguntado por zalpeg sobre 2018-12-02 01:28:07

albertovillar Yes.They do. I used them along with the breadboards bought here.

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Q: Has anyone succeeded in using I2C with this board?

perguntado por mlukaszek sobre 2018-02-20 03:47:24

albertovillar Hello,Yes. I have connected a small I2C SSD1306 LCD which is used to display humidity and temperature coming from a DHT22 sensor device. I hope this helps.

2020-10-14 02:11:09 Útil (1)
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Q: Does it worked with HDD motors?

perguntado por SafiyanykVolody sobre 2018-11-23 02:47:32

albertovillar Yes.It does with some surrounding electronics to help with speed and 12 VDC power that the motor needs. You can find several technical articles and DIY outside on the Internet. I'm sorry but I cannot paste links here.

2020-09-21 02:53:09 Útil (1)
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albertovillar Thereare many interesting documents about this NodeMcu module. I cannot paste URLs here but I recommend reading ("en" folder contains the English version) and (you can choose the English version clicking on the icon on the top-right).

2020-09-21 02:28:12 Útil (2)
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albertovillar Thisis the 30-pin version of the developer kit board (DOIT is sold as Geekcreit too). You can find many articles and images out in Internet. I cannot include any URLs but there is a pinout image in the article "getting-started-with-esp32" that you can find at "".

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