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Q: What battery does the switch take, it is very small

perguntado por David103 sobre 2020-11-10 02:30:49

Mastentop Hi, is a 12 volt battery, A27. Same type as used in remote key for cars. Will last longer then the button cells

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Mastentop not so pleased. Arrived this summer .tested and worked, but needed only in fall. 5 hours it worked, then starts flashing. So no 5 years as advertized, but 5 hours working. Plastic back does not absorb heat, so very bad cooling. 0 on 5

Mastentop 29/07/2020
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Q: How is this fan supposed to be wired?

perguntado por Douglas sobre 2018-05-15 01:32:45

Mastentop Easy,2de foto shows 4point connectors, allways plenty of them, and if not, use outgoing plug. 1Male and 1 female

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Blithe check here

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