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Q: dose it work with Bosch FSN rails?

perguntado por mattnelson84 sobre 2021-07-27 04:00:44

BG491699378 yes it should with most if not all tracks, otherwise grind off a bit if need be

2021-07-27 05:07:41 Útil (0)
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Q: when you have white again?

perguntado por BG451415531 sobre 2021-06-13 04:27:50

BG491699378 When the Gas Lift fails after less than a month of use & they fail to consider doing anything to fix it. I am no more than 100kg even less with my legs on the floor. The chair & cushioning is ok but when the Gas Lift fails it drops down in less than a minute, which is very annoying as it defeats the purpose of being ergonomic. I think you should try another brand.

2021-06-13 07:54:32 Útil (0)
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