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lehellaz SD card should be formatted to fat 32 mode before use, or if the camera has a formatting option, it's worth a try

2024-03-26 10:55:56 Útil (0)
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Q: with eu plug?

perguntado por sino120 sobre 2021-03-06 03:18:40

BG155374451 Ireceived it with EU type power adapter.

2021-06-02 10:45:16 Útil (0)
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BG155374451 Yes,but the the power adapter can not be connected directly, only using PoE adapter and ethernet cable. Ao it will be used without wired network connection, but the ethernet cable should be connected, as a power cable.

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Q: Dos it support H.264 protocol?

perguntado por BG155374451 sobre 2021-05-30 12:11:41

Lamella Save more storage space and get smoother stream by H.265.

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