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Crew61 Idon't remember exactly but in any case I checked the manufacturer's data when the package arrived and I got the resistance values given in description on the Banggood site (see my You Tube channel: "Maker Chronicles"). Another thing I did, during my projects which followed the purchase of this kit, crash tests for the manufacture of capacitor discharger (also available on my You Tube channel) and I can tell you that the resistors are d 'excellent qualities, even burnt, they still worked !! and yet they were charred. It's tough, at least the lot I received from Banggood.

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Crew61 Ido not remember exactly the precise tolerances but I know that I tested a lot of value and I came across exactly the same values announced! I was very surprised with several multimeters and more !! I even crash tests with these resistances and after burning, they still had the good values! UNBELIEVABLE ! AND I SWEAR THAT IT'S VERIDIC!

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