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BG202057402 Tyres need no pressure. You can turn the lights on on your controller, there is a switch on the side of it and you can switch it a few times to light the front- rear- or both😉

2021-08-25 09:49:47 Útil (0)
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Q: 2 speed transmission?

perguntado por BG401555535 sobre 2021-07-22 06:38:16

BG202057402 Yes

2021-07-22 09:39:42 Útil (0)
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Q: how fast does it go?

perguntado por BG111944112 sobre 2021-06-23 03:57:31

BG202057402 If you fine tune it well and still have some smoke comming out of the exhaust... then it goes 48-49 miles per hour, 75km per hour.

2021-06-24 01:58:22 Útil (0)
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