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Q: can it run 4s?

perguntado por Micky86 sobre 2020-03-30 07:21:25

ZooFF it can run 4s. I use 4s. not even hot motor

2020-08-09 11:37:29 Útil (0)
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Q: What weight would be with HD camera ?

perguntado por ZooFF sobre 2018-12-03 12:08:50

Curitis 53g (without battery).

2018-12-03 01:36:05 Útil (0)
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ZooFF Well, broke dozens of them and now can say: not so good. 3-leaps racestar much better. More leaps - more chances to broke.. SO buy racestar 3 leaps better

ZooFF 15/02/2018
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ZooFF I should add that mine has a new version without osd tx control. Look at the picture - it has only five holes, not six. Just to know.

ZooFF 14/12/2017
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