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BG488167917 The eSUN box achieves a temperature increase of around 10 degrees centigrade. That will dry your filament, but it's marginal at best. I'm not sure the Sunlu box advertised by Cookie will fare better, as it does not have a fan so it is not likely to uniformly heat the air or distribute the heat. What I'm missing from the eSUN unit is a USB interface to control and monitor the unit. The rollers beneath the spool run smoothly, but with the friction of the filament I do see some underextrusion unless I assist moving the filament manually when using Wood PLA filament (plain PLA is fine, as is ABS).

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Q: Does it have a CE label? Otherwise customs may not let it pass.

perguntado por ElektrOpa sobre 2019-09-11 02:55:18

va3atw I did see the CE label on mine. I didn’t have any issues with customs here (Canada)

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