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Q: Would it work with a toy drone hubsan x4 h107c?

perguntado por vic sobre 2021-04-22 03:39:59

tarantinofrancesco Hi, I don't know exactily but if you buy the T-LITE JP4IN1 version, there is a protocol for Hubsan's drones: 4IN1 Module A7105-Flysky,Hubsan,AFHDS2A etc CC2500-Frsky,Futaba SFHSS,Hitec,Radiolink,Esky,Corona etc CYRF6936-DSM DSMX,Walkera Devo,Wfly etc NRF24L01-HISKY,Syma,ASSAN etc

2021-04-22 12:20:33 Útil (0)
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tarantinofrancesco Try to digit in Banggood reserch "18650 radiomaster" you will find a double litio battery for the Radiomaster

2021-04-05 08:29:37 Útil (0)
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Q: Is this radio FCC or LBT ?

perguntado por BG155652916 sobre 2021-03-27 04:46:53

tarantinofrancesco HI, I still waiting my JP4IN1 but I think yes, FCC and LBT are supported.

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