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SebastjanK Thatis probably a mistake in the category, this camera does not support WiFi, as it is stated in the product description.

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Simon 17/07/2021
This temperature and humidity sensor works well with the Smart Life / Tuya system. One plud was that upon powering up the temperature and humidity sensor, it was automatically recognized in the Smart Life app. Having the temperature & humidity as well as the time & date on the display is very nice! This is the first temperature and humidity sensor that allows me to select either Fahrenheit or Celsius in the app settings. Lastly on the plus list, it keeps historical records for what looks like to be at least a year, maybe longer. There are a few improvements to be made. The display is very difficult to see unless there is enough light in the room to reflect off of the screen surface. As you can see in the attached pictures, it was very difficult to read the display in low lighting. It comes with a micro USB cable, but does not include a USB power supply. Most people using these sensors, probably have 10 to 15 extra USB power supplies sitting around by this time so not including a USB power supply is not much of an issue. The power requirements are very low so any USB power supply will be sufficient to power this sensor. It is also missing the ability to insert batteries as backup power in case the USB power fails for any reason. A weird feature / problem that seems to be unique to the sensor, is the requirement to have Bluetooth enabled when viewing the sensor in the app. I believe Bluetooth was used to notify the app a new sensor was available to be added. But I can't understand why Bluetooth is required whenever you're simply viewing the sensor. Whenever Bluetooth is disabled, and I view the sensor in the app, I am asked to enable Bluetooth. There is no way to get around this. Overall, this is a good sensor for the price. It provides a lot of functionality with the ability to select Celsius or Fahrenheit and store historical records. While the Bluetooth issue and lack of backup power is annoying, it's not enough of a reason to not buy this sensor.
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Q: How many bytes can it store?

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Fanmy Maybe you can use the "contact us" to contact the banggood customer service team.

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