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Q: is this to powerfull for a 540 wltoys motor.. will stock esc handle it?!

perguntado por BG161050133 sobre 2020-10-27 01:18:38

Jimberman I use this battery in my Wltoys 144001 that has a 540 motor. It fits perfectly and it works great! It goes faster and lasts longer than the stock battery. Although the ESC and motor do get pretty hot. If you go flat out for 10 minutes, the ESC will go into protect mode and shut down. Once it cools off, it works fine. Have fun!

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Jimberman 2019-11-10 12:29:22
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Jimberman The rims are made of anodized billet aluminum. The tires are a soft rubber compound that is quite grippy. They are already glued to the rims with a foam insert. They do not come with plastic drift sleeves or any other hardware. They’re very good tires for the price!

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