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Georgios Seintis I am not an expert but i don't see any reason why it could not. Pure sine of modified sine you have the same readings. I am not sure about the accuracy of PF reading but other than that you should be fine. Just think about the case of having to measure voltage and current with a clamp multimeter on the output of a modified sine inverter, it's the same thing.

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Georgios Seintis yes you can use it without a battery but you will only have output when there is sunlight and you can have 5v from the embedded usb ports or the usb ports from the controller with 200 to 400 miliamps. You could also get unbalanced voltage from the pannel's power plug up to 20volts or stabilized to 12v from the dc load connectors of the controller. So you can also use the pannel without a charge controller at all but mostly for charging mobile phones.

Georgios Seintis 18/06/2022
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Q: could I connect two of the 5000wat units in parrelel?

perguntado por Osirisrising sobre 2022-06-12 04:55:22

Georgios Seintis If you have that large of a battery capacity yes. I'm not an electric engineer but since you have one power source you can have multiple loads. Just make sure your battery can handle that much of a load.

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