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Q: só aceita cartão?

perguntado por fgrodrigues sobre 2019-07-05 10:13:37

JohnV Yes, takes a standard micro memory card/

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JohnV 2018-04-22 11:37:57
Good screen resolution, boots in a few seconds. Battery has good life. Operates like a good tablet. Seems to run most applications well and quickly. Bluetooth connections for external keyboards and headsets work well. Seems to be a full implementation of Windows 10, integrates into the network well. Unfortunately, there isn't enough SSD disk space to perform the mandatory windows update to the Fall Creators release. I had to remove all applications and delete many files to free up 15 GB space on the SSD drive to make room for the update. You have to install a large memory card as drive D, then tell the OS to move all documents, pictures, movies, music and temp files to that drive. Then purge downloaded updates, temp files, log files and removable applications to make room. It took me a week to finally get all the updates installed. Now that's done, I can install apps on the D drive, and hopefully keep the C drive fairly empty for the next big update. The touchscreen calibration seems to change, or my fingers are getting fatter. Ive calibrated it about 3 times now, and it still seems off. Possibly user error. Apparently the previous version had both an USB port and a Power connector. Mine only has the USB connector, so it gets tricky trying to install updates using a thumb drive. After the upgrade to current version of windows 10, The Microphone is no longer recognized as a device. Even using Bluetooth or wired headsets, the microphone isn't seen. Something Intel says is the responsibility of the manufacturer. Ive been to the PIPO web site and there are no driver or BIOS upgrades for this product. Additionally, the instructions are written in Chinese, and there is no translation available.
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