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falusi 09/08/2023
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Q: is this good for UST laser projector?

perguntado por falusi sobre 2022-11-11 02:45:51

BG124844381 yes i need to 120 inch

2023-04-30 08:34:40 Útil (0)
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Q: safe to use it?

perguntado por falusi sobre 2021-08-17 01:08:47

JoGeo I have removed three moles so far with this product. Two big and one small. If you use it carefully and follow the instructions you wont have any problems. Bear in mind that it's a traditional old method for removing moles (people used strings in the long past instead of these safe silicone rings).

2021-08-18 04:14:09 Útil (2)
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