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Q: Does anybody know how to set time and date at this device?

perguntado por cappy0815 sobre 2020-10-05 04:30:03

BG571018351 That’s a really good question I don’t think it has a built in time stamp but once I’m done recording whatever I’m doing and I put the micro sd card in my computer it gives me a time stamp but Ike if that’s even the correct day so really good question lol

2020-10-05 02:25:24 Útil (0)
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Q: its ok with novice 2 mask. ?

perguntado por BG452196764 sobre 2020-09-13 04:26:17

BG571018351 I honestly don’t know but I’d like to say these is a proprietary dvr for only ev-100 goggles

2020-09-23 02:36:41 Útil (0)
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BG571018351 Yea same thing happend to me was scared at first but then I unplugged is all and plugged it back into the goggles and make sure you have a micro as card in it hope this helped ✌️

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