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Q: Will it fit to rbx10 ryft?

perguntado por Dave sobre 2021-07-21 08:44:03

gedaymate no thay will not fit properly hope this helps cheers

2021-09-11 10:18:28 Útil (0)
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gedaymate the coffee colour one is a bronze copper colour hope this helps cheers

2021-09-11 10:17:23 Útil (0)
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gedaymate customer service will help you out thay have always been awesome with myself with over 100 items never been a problem cheers

2021-09-10 06:24:23 Útil (0)
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gedaymate no there is no ESC motor or servo chassis with gear box cheers

2021-09-10 06:20:01 Útil (0)
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gedaymate you should contact customer service team thay will help you out cheers

2021-09-10 06:17:39 Útil (0)
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Q: Please add pic of controller?

perguntado por BG115203385 sobre 2021-01-22 01:36:22

gedaymate you can use it either using the the controller or you can use the app witch ever you feel comfortable with cheers

2021-09-10 06:14:58 Útil (0)
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Q: What is the gear ratio?

perguntado por Sidco sobre 2019-03-08 02:00:24

gedaymate it's a standard ratio for the axial

2021-08-31 02:32:10 Útil (0)
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