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JovanEps 12/02/2019
The device has proven to be precise and fully meets the characteristics specified by the seller and the manufacturer. The only thing I highly recommend is that you do not use it for sinusoidal frequency signals greater than 53MHz. Practical measurements indicate that it is nevertheless necessary not less than 5 samples to allow a DDS running at 266MHz to create an adequate waveform. As the images show the generated frequencies are accurate within the manufacturer's specifications and given that my toy UNI-T 61E is calibrated with a fault of ± 0.006% +1 (the factory spec is ± 0.01% + 5), I can claim that the JDS2800 really within the manufacturer's specifications related to the accuracy of the generated frequency of +/- 20ppm. The device was tested under load (LEDs) which at a voltage of 5V exceeded the consumption of 35mA and apparently the device and the generated signal were successfully tested. Immediately after taking the shipment, I tested the device since there is a story on the net related to problems with high voltage difference between power and ground with similar devices such as JDS 2900 and FY6600 due to the use of non-grounded switching inverter. Of course, this device will be connected to the ground by means of an array of USB connectors or in direct connection with an oscilloscope over the mass of the BNC converter. In any case, the measured potential difference exists (~120V), but the earthing equalization current is almost negligible> 1mA, so it can hardly cause burning of the instrument or other devices, as some of youtubers claim. I highly recommend this device.
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Q: It can be programmed with the Arduino IDE?

perguntado por tiwar87 sobre 2017-11-23 11:06:14

JovanEps Of course he can, even more warmly, recommend you to use the Arduino IDE. There is already a lot of official support from espreeif so there is no need to manually download the entire git-hub development package from the net into the / hardvare directory, but it can be elegantly incorporated with support through the Arduino IDE Board Manager where you just need to add a new path to the list : Afterwards, select DOIT ESP32 DEV KIT only from the list

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