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Q: can I use it with 36v battery? Thanks!

perguntado por janniskininis sobre 2021-10-05 12:34:02

ivanbrown001 Motor is for 12V to 24V, i do not recommend it, it would be at your risk.

2021-10-05 05:47:55 Útil (0)
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Q: Is this connection waterproof?

perguntado por blackwolf1024 sobre 2019-09-04 08:41:46

ivanbrown001 No it's not, the plastic shroud prevents electrical contact and short circuits, water can get in through gaps in the plastic very easily.

2021-09-05 06:24:17 Útil (0)
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Q: Does the Opel Vectra 2004 Original Steering Wheel Control work?

perguntado por Baran Elbi sobre 2019-09-28 05:33:33

ivanbrown001 Sorry, I don't own this make of car, so unable to help.

2021-09-04 07:51:31 Útil (0)
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Q: Does it have a GPS map of Europe and can I update that map?

perguntado por katseiko sobre 2019-10-08 01:49:49

ivanbrown001 I haven't installed it yet, so am unable to advise at this time, sorry.

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ivanbrown001 There is a video input phono connection from a rear view camera to the radio. Additionally there is a lead which connects to the reversing light switch, to display the rear view camera image when reverse is selected on the gearstick

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ivanbrown001 $189.99 would be hideously overpriced in my opinion. It performs great for its size, but being so small, $188.99 would not be very good value for money.

2021-08-24 01:40:42 Útil (1)
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