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Bushman 2019-08-20 15:48:13
A very good little kit, ideal as a project for the practical exam on an intermediate Amateur radio course. Considering it's small footprint, this kit has a good selection of components to keep you busy for a while. This was one of my first kits of this skill level & it seemed a bit daunting when it arrived, I had been looking at these for a while & finally took the plunge. I went through & checked off all the components against the supplied list, and placed them on the schematic diagram in the correct order, this helped make sure all the right components & values were there before starting. I started placing components on the board in 'type' order i.e. Capacitors, resistors etc... The time flew by & within a few hours I had a completed kit, I was amazed at how easy it was to complete, not only that, it gave me great enthusiasm to do more & I found myself online shortly after completion, looking for my next kit. The solder pads are fairly small, but not as small as others I have seen, Considering I have Arthritis & Spinal disease and shake like a dodgy washing machine, I found it fairly easy to manage the soldering. This kit is ideal for beginners & you end up with a working item (if you build it correctly), BE WARNED !! You need an amateur radio licence to operate these radio's !! I recommend these kits to any budding young HAM's & experienced HAM's who want to start building their own sets. Anyone can build them, but if you intend using them or even testing them out GET THE LICENCE !!...
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