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BG362346948 Finally, after much struggle. I got the knob off. 😊. I’m going to apply a tiny bit of lube on it so that in the future, when I’m ready to completely mod it, I’ll be able to remove it with ease. I’m happy with this product. Everything works 😊 Along side with the Feker crystal linear switches and some Akko keycaps, it looks stunning. Also loving the dust cover and the braided cable. I’ll now give 5 stars ⭐️

BG362346948 26/01/2022
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Q: SMD compatible? looking for switches to fit Feker IK75

perguntado por BG362346948 sobre 2022-01-01 03:52:54

Conciliabule Compatible with all 3-pin 5-pin switches

2022-01-03 08:13:00 Útil (0)
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