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Q: does it have a metal drive gear

perguntado por BG194454353 sobre 2021-03-27 02:21:28

BG183741415 is it not plastic in the gearbox?

2021-03-27 05:34:32 Útil (0)
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BG183741415 the best review I have seen regarding wl toys parts thanks dude

Ivank53 14/06/2018
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Q: what is the material of frame?

perguntado por BG213131718 sobre 2020-11-20 04:59:02

BG183741415 it is made of plastic and some metal parts

2020-11-20 05:32:29 Útil (0)
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Q: hi what battery do I need for the remote? regards

perguntado por BG183741415 sobre 2020-09-30 04:16:41

BG232241103 Dear Sir, please continue our customer service,i will send u picture

2020-10-02 10:20:59 Útil (0)
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Q: ? Missing USB charging cable?!

perguntado por Frantisek1 sobre 2019-02-12 06:14:27

BG183741415 I have bought 2 of these and no charger included. Misleading advertising. And useless since you get batteries that cant be charged if you cant manufacture a charging cable.

2020-05-21 01:35:07 Útil (0)
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