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PsygnusCustoms 2020-02-02 12:30:01
Ok. The EOS2 is a great cam, it's liluputan, isn't ugly and supposedly picks up great image but mine has one major inherent flaw. Not one easily discredited either. I'm absolutely certain that the wire leads to the cam's circuit board were snapped from their pads before it had even left the factory. For whatever reason, the manufacturer screws down the thin back plate extremely tight, which breaks the wires off the board. When I received the item, 2/3 of the wire leads were only connected by a tiny link of silicone and had no electrical connection at all. The three solder pads for the mentioned wires are in a corner at the very edge of the board, directly adjacent one of the back plate's two screw holes. They applied a bead of black flexible caulking across the tops of all three wire solder points before fixing the back plate in place. Why they used silicone, I'm not sure. A line of epoxy resin would have stiffened the wires, insulated the connections and protected from compression damage. The back plate corner is screwed down so tightly that it displaces the silicone and forces the wire filaments to break. For proof that this is a factory issue, look closely at the wires in the back corner of this items pictures. The image will show an overtightened screw and the black wire isn't attached to the camera. I strongly suggest reinforcing the wires with hot melt glue or something to stiffen their junction to the cam, upon the cam's initial unboxing. It should be noted that I can fix this, but it requires removing all the black goo and resoldering all three points. It's worth the time, as it's
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Q: What type and size is the surface mounted 4 pin port on this camera? XH1.25?

perguntado por PsygnusCustoms sobre 2020-12-12 09:16:43

Pigfish 3pin,not4,it is mx1.25

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Q: is it an sma or an rp-sma antenna

perguntado por BG179225453 sobre 2020-12-11 01:21:49

PsygnusCustoms The antenna connector is RP-SMA.

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