bayan13 @ At first I opened the top cover where the pump is. I pulled out both tubes and I forced the air out. The one that pushes the water out was stuck in mine. You can use a syringe to blow the air. It should come out easily if there is no problem. Second thing I did, I connected 3 1.5v batteries in a row and touched the pins of the water pump with the water tank full, to see if it is sucking water. My 2nd vacuum had a stuck pump also so I opened it as well but don't touch anything there, when I put it back it was working. Another thing to check is the pins of the vacuum, because sometimes they are short and don't touch the ones of the water tank. So just pull them out a little bit in order to have a connection. I will try to send you more photos.

bayan13 24/09/2021
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bayan13 After a few days of testing i think i received a faulty item. The water tank doesn't spray any water. I tried everything you can imagine but still nothing. After 5 days i received a 2nd vacuum that i had ordered for a friend and tried the 2nd water tank just in case mine was faulty but still the same problem. I also installed the new vacuum but it had the same problem. I have opened a ticket and waiting for BG to find me a solution. Does anyone else faces the same problem?

bayan13 14/09/2021
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bayan13 Φίλε μου εγώ παρέλαβα 2 από αυτές πριν μια εβδομάδα και καμιά τους δεν βγάζει νερό στο σφουγγάρισμα. Εσένα ψεκάζει κανονικά;

bogut12 16/09/2021
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