BG232152375 Hello! Greetings from Hellas! I have to inform you that no SMART watch can replace A valid medical device for measuring sugar levels! The error is tragic! If you are on an empty stomach and you have drunk some water, and you have 5.8 or 6.3 and you exercise for 5 minutes, it will fall below 5 or 4 maybe it will show you 3.7... Ok; If you eat some honey with cereal, either fruit will show you that it went up a little over 6 or 7....while a medical device will show you 7,5 And up... Maybe 8.3 or 9.3...for example,! That is why every device states that it should not be taken into account as an indication of actual medical monitoring, nor as a medical opinion... Precisely because the measurement method is not nor is it an authoritative source that yields real data, measurement findings!

Janakiram 31/05/2023
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BG232152375 Καλησπέρα! Όταν λες έλλειψη audio Jack? Μήπως έλαβες άλλη έκδοση ίδιου μοντέλου είτε μαϊμού;;; Διότι κανονικά έχει όχι μια αλλά δύο υποδοχές audio και μια θύρα usb... Δες κάτω φωτογραφίες του τρίτου κατά σειρά!

George1959 21/09/2020
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