kotisko nead Change discharge voltage and after that calibrations. to make this you nead this tool "ISDT SCLinker Firmware Upgrade Data Cable for ISDT Charger". After Change voltage to 3,8 (my arrive with voltage Setup to 4,1V) and calibration (description in Manual) works perfect voltage after discharge 3,800-3,805V per Cell.

Mar Lin 10/01/2018
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kotisko nead to by calibrated with "ISDT SCLinker Firmware Upgrade Data Cable for ISDT Charger" i have the same Problem, after Setup with this tool work perfect. very important is to make after changing Discharge voltage, calibration as in description. after calibration work perfect, voltage after discharging is 3,800-3,805V per cell.

mirandanunes 10/01/2018
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