BG231164416 Γεια σου και σε σένα!!! 😁😁😁 About your 1st question, no it doesn't support Bluetooth call as none of these "full Android SmartWatches" with Android 7.1 and 10 versions (ας είναι"καλά" η μαμά Google που δεν αφήνει 😌😌 γι'αυτό). Only the older ones with Android 5.1 support the bluetooth calling. About your 2nd question, of course it supports the Facebook app (for the other social apps I don't know but I think you won't have any problem). I receive the notifications normally as well. And if you connect it with your phone via bluetooth and you have installed from Playstore the excellent app called "Watch Droid Phone" in your phone and the "Watch Droid Assistant" in your watch, you can also receive every notification from every app you want and you can answer from your watch as well. I'm here to help you... Bye...

BG231164416 05/05/2021
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