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  • 24/02/2014

    As i sad, these are OK ESC's. If you wanna use them with multirotors, you wanna flash them with simonk's firmware, and make a few modifications on them. Download the source code and edit tgy.inc file. Change .equ F_CPU = 16000000 to .equ F_CPU = 8000000. This ESC's have Atmega8L-8AU which will work on 8 MHz, forget about 16 MHz. Compile the source code with avra.exe, if you are on windows. There is a little bat file on the internet which will help you with that. After compiling, rip of the shrink tube from ESC. Carefully solder some thin wires on the chip, or you can use the flashing tool which can be bought one some other popular site. Add external crystal oscillator to xtal1 and xtal2 pins - 8 MHz with 2x 15 pF to Ground. Look into datasheet for more info. Leads from crystal can be a little longer. We are on 8 Mhz only. After soldering external crystal, you must enable it. Use eXtreme AVR burner for that. Launch the program, configure your programmer. Select Fuse Bits/Settings tab. Down on the left side there is Configure AVR clock icon. Select External Crystal/Ceramic Resonator, frequency range 3.0-8.0 MHz. I had selected Startup time 258CK, i don't know if it makes any difference with other settings. For oscillator option select Limited Swing (for xtal in range 1-8 MHz). Confirm your settings. Select write on low and high fuse. And finally, write fuses on the micro controller. If all goes well, you should have external oscillator running on atmega - at 8MHz. This is now very imune to temperature changes. You ESC will work like a charm. No more weird noises from motors. And don't forget to put some new heat shrink tube on the ESC. Enjoy!

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  • 27/02/2014

    Finally i flashed this XXD HW30A 30A Brushless Motor ESC to SimonK firmware to run on my Hexacopter, this XXD HW30A 30A Brushless Motor ESC work very well after flashed SimonK firmware.

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  • 30/07/2013

    Just ordered 6pcs to replace my Hexacopter..... Anyone can attach the photo to show how connect this esc to flash SimonK firmware for this ESC!

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  • 24/01/2017

    About 6 months ago I ordered these for multi copter. Flashed with SimonK direct to chip, no problem (don't remember what .hex I used). This month I ordered 10 more and it is a different esc all together! Tried to look it up on the web, but could find no equivalent to get certainty on what firmware to flash. Read a post of nelsonlee (thanks, by the way) on RCGroups that he had a similar version esc and flahing "TGY.hex" worked for him. I flashed direct to the chip, tested with current limiting hardware and IT WORKS!!! Esc is now much more responsive and works great with Racerstar BR2212 1400KV (also bought from Banggood). Hope this helps someone else; I had to take a chance on flashing, as info on these (no name) esc's are not readily available on the net. Goodluck!

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  • 21/01/2020

    Uma das minhas 4 ESCs explodiu depois de ser alimentada (sem carga) por apenas alguns minutos.

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  • 18/09/2018

    very good ESC and very cheap too! Its fully programmable and I used the hobbywing ESC programming manual to do it using the Tx. Same firmware as other hobbywing ESC. Using this on my Biplane SE5a.

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  • 18/05/2014

    Don't be put off by the price ! These work great with my quad even without flashing !

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  • 28/05/2017

    Works well, has more features than listed. Has break mode, battery type, cutoff mode, cutoff threshold, startup mode, timing and reset to defaults.

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  • 14/03/2017

    Регулятор оборотов для БК мотора. Дешёвый, большой. БЕК на 2А, так что на много не рассчитываете. Если есть дополнительное оборудование, то без доп питания 5V не обойтись. Работает прекрасно. The regulator of turns for the motor. Cheap, great. BEK on 2A, so you do not count on much. If there is additional equipment, then 5B can not be avoided without additional power. Works perfectly.

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  • 08/05/2013

    You can flash this value-for-money esc with simonk firmware - use tgy.hex. You'll need a few tools to do this including the AVR programmer and Atmel ic tool from Hobbyking. Use kkflashtool software.

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