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Mike 2018-01-10 19:16:53
The truck is very light for it's size and overall the quality of the plastic seems low. The steering is absolute rubbish. After about 10 minutes run time the steering began making an awful grinding noise when turned to the right and started to smell like burning electronics. I doubt it would last much longer. The 4X4 feature also doesn't work properly. The front tires get full power, but the back tires don't. With even the slightest resistance the back tires just don't spin. The transmitter is also very cheap. It feels like the steering wheel is loose and rattles when shaken. It functions as it should, but just feels cheap. Basically this truck is not good. It looks good, actually it looks great, but it's performance is abysmal. I had planned on overhauling the entire electronics system when I placed the order, but now I discover that an overhaul is required for normal operation. Also I have to find and fix the problem in the gearbox/transfer case. Getting back to the low quality plastic parts, it's a safe bet that upgrading the motor or battery is likely to put too much torque on this driveline and it'll probably break from normal use. If I knew before how cheap this truck is, I'd have waited until it's price was very low or perhaps never have bought it at all.
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