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ichbins86 2018-05-19 15:03:08
A simple Temperature Controller & Thermometer that can be used for heating or cooling. Unfortunately it doesn't come with any instructions, so here are the menu items that i've figured out: --Hold SET to get into the menu.-- --P0 Cooling or Heating.-- --P1 Hysteresis-- --P2 Calibration +/- 10.0-- --P3 Time in Minutes that the relay turns on after reaching the target temperature. Only triggers again after power cycle, pressing Restart, or cycling through the set temperature again.-- --P4 Time in Minutes the display stays off??? (Delay after powering on / reset until the unit starts working at all)-- -P5 Key Lock ON/OFF-- --Outputs S0 and S1 are the Relay contacts (Common and NO), working independent from the supply of the Controller itself.--
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  • marty@rickard.co.nz You beauty!!!! Those menu commands are a god send. I thought I had brought a controller that only did cooling. Thanks!

    Resposta 2019-01-18 19:45:22
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